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José Mariano Gago

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Ciência é o Futuro, Junho 2014

Intervenções seleccionadas (em inglês):

28 November 2014: José Mariano Gago at the Flemish Academy for Sciences and the Arts - Thinkers in Residence Programe, 2014 Lecture at the “Flandres Future as a Knowledge Society Conference”, F2KS Conference:

21 February 2014: José Mariano Gago at the CNR, Rome, for a lecture promoted by ROARS - “Return on academic research” ( :
Title: A knowledge-based society -­ Can we still afford it? Or can we afford not having it?

November 2013, José Mariano Gago at the Ateneu Barcelonês, Barcelona, “Homo Scientificus Europaeus”:

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